Veterinary medicine

University of Sassari




The first course in Veterinary Medicine (VM) was launched in Sassari in 1927, under the guidance of the Royal Institute of Veterinary Medicine. The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FVMSS) was then established in 1928 and located in Sassari, via Duca degli Abruzzi. The first graduations took place in 1932. However, as years passed residential buildings increasingly surrounded the Faculty and what had once been the suburbs later became part of the city centre. Thus in 1982, the Faculty was completely moved to the new Campus located in via Vienna.



In 1998 the Faculty was visited for the first time by the EAEVE team and it was classified as “non approval”, because of some Category I Deficiencies, as the lack of the Veterinary Hospital. Since November 2011 the name has changed into the Department of Veterinary Medicine (DVMSS). In 2013, the Department  was full approved by the EAEVE. Next EAEVE visit is scheduled in 2021.


Nowadays, the DVMSS is still located in via Vienna, in a large Campus where also the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy is situated, with wide indoor and outdoor areas. Overall, the buildings are divided into five interconnected modules, for a total of about 9.500 square meters.

The DVMSS is the only Official Institution which can provide education for undergraduate and postgraduate students in the field of Veterinary Sciences in the Autonomous Region of Sardinia. The establishment and the current presence of the DMVSS is strongly connected to the insularity of the Region and, above all, to the high number of animals reared in this Region