Wildlife Management

Course unit title:

Wildlife Management

Degree in:

Master Course in Wildlife Management, Conservation, And Control (WMCC)







Type of course unit:


Language of instruction:


Learning outcomes of the course unit:

This course will provide a broad overview on wildlife management concepts, techniques and issues with special reference to the European context and will take into consideration the most important mammal and bird groups interested by management in Europe. The first part will be devoted to the development and evolution of the concept of wildlife management and wildlife conservation, wildlife management planning, hunting management organisation, census techniques, reintroduction techniques, restoking, control of problem species and pests, management of mammals and birds in Europe.


In the second step of the course, the students will apply the concepts and information acquired to produce essays related to specific context such as game species management plans, reintroduction feasibility plans, pest management plans, birds and mammal population counting, drafting applied research project.

Course contents:

The lessons will aim at informing students on specific wildlife management topics. The specific topics will be:

- Overview of taxonomic groups interested by wildlife management

- Concepts of wildlife management

- Broad scale management planning of game species

- Wildlife counting techniques

- Reintroduction, restoking

- Wildlife harvesting

- Wildlife capture and control techniques

-  Case studies on European and Italian wildlife management issues


Recommended or require reading and course materials:


Specific texts and scientific papers will be suggested and provided during the course. The slides and other materials used for lectures will be made available to the students.



Mode of delivery:

Frontal lessons, practical lesson in groups,

Teaching methods:

Tutorials, exercises, teaching excursions, outdoor practice exercise.

Assessment methods and criteria:

Students will be graded based on written exam. The exam will take place on the days immediately after the course and last a maximum of 3 hours.