The Master’s Course in Wildlife Management, Conservation and Control is given in English language and is a free access course.

To be admitted to the course the following requirements must be accomplished:

  • have a Bachelor degree recognized at the European level or an equivalent title in Biological Science, Natural Science, Forestry and Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine, Animal Breeding or similar;
  • attend an entry test on the background knowledge in the core disciplines of the  course.

Enrolment takes place in four steps:

  1. ONLINE REGISTRATION: register on the website Self Studenti Uniss (see the tutorial at


  1. PRE-ENROLMENT: pre-enroll online at  (see the tutorial at ) from 10/9/2019 to 26/9/2019 till 23:59. For any difficulty you may experience please contact the Teaching Manager of the course Dr. R. Fadda


  1. ENTRY TEST: participate in the entry test, that will consist of two parts:
  • a written multiple-choice test on the following disciplines: Anatomy and Physiology (5 questions), Microbiology (5), Vertebrate Zoology (5), Animal Ecology (5), and Genetics (5), that will be held on 27/9/2019 at 11:30. Applicants have to be present at 11:00 AM, in the Nutrition Physiology and Zoology section, Scala A, 3rd floor of the Department of Veterinary Medicine, via Vienna 2, Sassari.
  • an English language interview, that will be held on 27/9/2019 at 15:30.


  1. ENROLMENT: after the entry test, the student has to fulfil the online application ( see the tutorial at Students have to pay fees through electronic payment systems PagoPA (for more information see the  tutorial Pagamento PagoPa” at the following link and at Keeping a copy of the pre-enrolment form is highly advisable. 

More details on enrolment procedures and study organization are available on the following document:


Prof. Marco Apollonio – Coordinator of the Course in Wildlife Management, Conservation and Control – email

Dr. Renata Fadda – Teaching Manager – tel. 079229402; email