Microbial infections and control of infectious diseases

Course unit :

Microbial infections and control of infectious diseases

Degree in:

Master Course in Wildlife Management, Conservation, And Control (WMCC)







Type of course unit:


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Learning outcomes of the course unit:

Throughout the microbial infections and control of infectious diseases course, attempts are made at emphasizing those microbial infections and related infectious diseases that are of great actual or potential importance to wild animals.

Aims & Intended Learning Outcomes

Aims of the Course

•To provide students with the latest information in scientific microbiological methods and in management of infectious diseases.

•To provide advanced knowledge, understanding, and critical judgment appropriate for recognising microbial infections and infectious diseases during wild animal conservation programs

•To provide knowledge on how microbial infection can affect wildlife health and animal productions

Intended Learning Outcomes of the Course:

At the end of the course the student should be able to:

* Describe in details the morphology, the culture, spread, biochemical activities, antigenic characters, pathogenesis, laboratory diagnosis, treatment& prevention &control measures of bacteria.

* Define the organs commonly involved in the infection.

*Recall the relationship of this infection to symptoms, relapse and the accompanying pathology.  

* Explain the methods of microorganisms control, e.g. chemotherapy & vaccines.

*Solve problems in the context of this understanding.

*Demonstrate practical skills in fundamental microbiological techniques.

*Present and interpret results obtained from using these techniques.

* Present information clearly in both written and oral form. 


Mode of delivery:

Frontal lesson and practical lesson in groups


Teaching methods:

Field and laboratory practicals; in room lectures.


Assessment methods and criteria:

Students will be graded based on written exam. The exam will take place on the days immediately after the course and last a maximum of 2 hours.