The WMCC master’s course is open to students possessing a Bachelor degree and a sufficient background in some core disciplines.

The following requirements have to be met for the enrolment:

-  English level B2 (certificated or assessed during the entry test)

-  a Bachelor degree recognized at the European level or an equivalent title in Biology, Natural Science, Environmental Science, Forestry, Animal Breeding, or Veterinary Medicine;

-  alternatively, a different Bachelor degree but with an academic background including a minimum of 36 ECTS credits in the following core disciplines: anatomy, physiology, microbiology, zoology, ecology, and genetics (for Italian students, SSD: VET/01, VET/02, VET/05, BIO/05, BIO/07, BIO/18, AGR/07, AGR/16);

In the latter case, students are invited to provide a documentation (in Italian or English), proving the fulfillment of the abovementioned requirements (send it to and A commission will evaluate the documentation and a feedback will be given on the possible admittance to the Master’s Course.

Students have time to achieve the abovementioned title/credits by December 31st, and meanwhile can be temporarily be admitted and proceed with a conditional registration to the Master’s Course. The deadline for the final enrolment is in mid January.