Admission test to the Master course in Wildlife Management, Conservation and Control - 2° test

Admission test to the Master course in Wildlife Management, Conservation and Control - 2° test


The Master Course in Wildlife Management, Conservation and Control is given in English language and is a free access course.

To be admitted to the course the following requirements must be accomplished:

  1. Bachelor degree recognized at the European level or an equivalent title in Biological Science, Natural Science, Forestry and Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine, Animal Breeding or similar;
  2. Pass an admission test on scientific background in the core disciplines of the  course.

The admission test for the academic year 2018/2019 will be held on 9/10/2018 at 15.00 in the classroom D of the Department of Veterinary Medicine, first floor, via Vienna 2, Sassari. The applicants have to be present at 14. 30.

You have to register on the website Self Studenti Uniss (see the Tutorial on the  link https://www.uniss.it/sites/default/files/documentazione/tutorial_imm_18_19_v.2.4.pdf ) and pre-enroll online on the website  Uniss https://uniss.esse3.cineca.it/Home.do  (see the tutorial on the  link https://www.uniss.it/sites/default/files/documentazione/tutorial_imm_18_19_v.2.4.pdf ) from 2/10/2018 to  7/10/2018 till 23:59. For any difficulty you may experience please contact the Teaching Manager of the course Dr. R. Fadda rfadda@uniss.it  

The entrance test will consist of 30 multiple choice questions on the following disciplines: Anatomy and Physiology (5), Microbiology (5), Vertebrate Zoology (5), Animal Ecology (5), Genetics (5) English language (5).

The Commission in charge of the test will evaluate candidates as admitted/not admitted.

If admitted, the student can fulfil the online application. ( see the Tutorial “Domanda di immatricolazione - Guida alla compilazione” on the link https://www.uniss.it/sites/default/files/documentazione/tutorial_imm_18_19_v.2.4.pdf).

Students have to pay fees through electronic payment systems PagoPA ( for more information see the  “Tutorial Pagamento PagoPa” on the  link  https://www.uniss.it/files/tutorialpagopapdf and the link: https://www.agid.gov.it/it/piattaforme/pagopa )

To keep a copy of the pre-enrollment form is highly advisable.

More details on enrollment procedures are on the LINK https://www.uniss.it/sites/default/files/documentazione/regolamento_carriere_studenti_20180731.pdf


Prof. Marco Apollonio – Coordinator of the Course in Wildlife Management, Conservation and Control – email marcoapo@uniss.it

Dr. Renata Fadda – Teaching Manager – tel. 079229402; email rfadda@uniss.it